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Use Git LFS to manage large files in Git repository

I tried pushing a large file to GitHub and it gave the warning that I should use Git LFS to upload large files.

Git LFS (Large File Storage) is a Git extension which will replace large files with text pointer, and store the files separately on the storage. This makes the repo size relatively small, and can be cloned/pushed with faster speed since the Git history does not include the whole file.

To use Git LFS, simply install the extension.

# Mac
brew install git-lfs

Then setup the extension to GitHub user account.

git lfs install

Next, in the repository, track the file with track subcommand.

git lfs track "*.psd" # Track all PSD files

After running track, it will create .gitattributes files which store the lfs settings. Make sure to add it too.

git add .gitattributes

Then commit, and push. You'll see the LFS upload progress.

Uploading LFS objects:  75% (3/4), 158 MB | 129 KB/s 

If you want to migrate existing file which is already tracked, use migrate immport. Warning : The command will overwrite the whole tree! See other options here.

git lfs migrate import --include-ref=main --include="*.psd"


GitHub has limited LFS storage and bandwidth quota at 1GB.