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Typing Practice Drills

These are my typing practice drills. I tried to do it every day, 20-30 minutes per day.

Common words

I like typing on 10ff it's easy to use and I can use custom CSS to force me to look a word ahead

10ff - Hide next word mode

I use 2 modes for practice

Article - Medium.com

I like to read from medium.com, but if I type along I can get 2 birds with 1 stone. It's not fast but quite fun. Previously I will copy the text from it's article and type away in a text editor. But if I want to get typing stats I have to save it on 10ff text practice mode or Keyhero custom typing test

Caveats: Medium.com will convert quotes and dashes to a beautiful one that is not the same as on your keyboard, like “” or . I used to replace them with Keyboard Maestro script. Now I'm developing a Chrome extension to scrape article and convert the text for me.

Chrome extension - Article Scraper

It took me 10-15 minutes for 5-min read article, so 1 Medium article and around 15 minutes of common words practice I will call it a day.