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Toward a more useful Thai keyboard layout

All of the Thai keyboard layouts are created in the typewriter era. I wanted to create a new one sometime ago since I moved from Kedmanee (Thai's QWERTY) to Pattachote. The problems of the two layouts is they're not optimized for modern keyboards, and even some of the characters are dead eg. , , , . Moreover, Thai numbers are seldomly used in normal situations, hence forcing users to switch to English layout to type numbers or use the numpad. Lastly, I want the layout I created to be keyboard form factor agnostic. I can use 40% Keyboard with both Kedmanee & Pattachote, but still think that it can be better.

Apparently there is a new layout called IKBAEB which resonates all of the ideas, but I want to use modern Thai corpus as a dataset and then generate the layout somehow. Maybe it will yield the same result, but this way I will have an excuse to learn Rust.

For the name of the layout, I will use my family name for now.


  • Learn minimum Rust to process Thai language corpus.
  • Generate n-grams from corpus.
  • Create typing effort model from n-grams, similar to Carpalx.
  • Discover & measure new layout with lower effort from the model.

(This page is still work in progress)