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The only 2 skills those matter

Master these 2 meta-skills which will lead to learning everything faster.

  • Input
  • Output

Just like Internet, the more bandwidth, the better it is. Here's why.

Improving Input

The more you read, the more you know. So if you can read faster than anyone, you'll learn anything faster. This also applies to listening with 2x speed. However, you have to understand or remember what you've read as well. I suggest learning how to learn itself, and learn speed reading techniques to make you read 2-3 times faster than average.

Maximizing Output

Output means your result, to maximize the output means you push the process of getting the result to the limit. If you work with computers, typing fast or knowing application shortcut keys will make you complete more work that others who don't. There's no shortcut to success, but on the keyboard, there is. Furthermore, you'll get the feedback and learn to improve more quickly, too.