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Simplicity is Complicated

I've heard people say that they want to make something like "Social network for X", "WhatsApp, but for Y", or "Blockchain to solve Z".

When I ask why, some answered "Because [competitor product name] is hard to use, but what I build will be more user-friendly, and easy to use."

"Wow, then how would you do it?"

"Just make the simpler version of it."


"Hire a team to focus on UX/UI."

"I think [competitor product name] already have the team, with supposedly more people than yours."

"Yeah, but we can make it better than them."

The conversation did not end well.

What they think about their product is based on nothing but the goal they want to see.

I can do nothing but to wish them good luck, and learn how to achieve "Simplicity" the hard way.