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Pomodoro Workflow

Pomodoro technique is one of the productivity method I use all the time. It's easy but very effective. I use this technique whenever I'm working, both in and out of office. The current app I use for timing is Time Out. There are many Pomodoro apps but I like this once since it will block my screen, forcing me to take breaks.

My ratio is 30-minute work per 6-minute break (Standard is 25:5). I tweak so I can fit 4 sessions before and after Power Nap

When I take breaks I'll do things to keep my mind out of work eg.

  • Walk around
  • Re-fill water bottles
  • Quick chats with co-workers
  • Toilet
  • Practice typing on Monkeytype (You can set Time Out to load any website on breaks.)
  • Check emails on mobile phone
  • Or just close my eyes until the break is finished

The Pomodoro technique really helps me on focusing, and keeping my energy throughout the day.