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Personal OKRs

New year's resolutions are not working for me. I used to set goals every year, and then I quit doing them within 2-3 months. It was not just I'm lazy, but when a month has passed, some of the goals I set became unnecessary or unrelevant, or I got bored and changed my mind from some of the goals I previously want to achieve. Moreover, I don't want to wait 3-6 months to start doing something on the new year's date. So I adopt OKRs and set new goals every 3 months instead. I currently use Weekdone to track my personal OKRs and update it every other day. I will have only 3 objectives per quarter so they won't be too much, each objective will have 3-5 Key Results which are not too easy but achieveable.

Here are some of my OKRs

  • Improve myself as a better frontend developer

    • Finish #100DaysOfCode with no more than 10 days skip
    • Create 10 websites & deploy to cloud
    • Create 3 working open source projects which have 10 Github Stars each
    • Learn 8 testing javascript courses
  • Get good at reading

    • Read 10 books
    • Write 10 articles about books I read
  • Be a better writer/blogger

    • Write 50 articles/posts
    • Setup email subscription & get 50 subscribers