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Manage all the Git repos with ghq

In all of my 3 Macs, I store all of my code within ~/Code to make it persistent and easy to use across the machines. I use ghq to manage the inner structure.

To use ghq, simply run it anywhere in the terminal with your desired Github repository user/repo eg.

$ ghq get narze/thank-u-next-js

If the code is not on your machine yet. The command will clone narze/thank-u-next-js to ~/Code/github.com/narze/thank-u-nextjs. (Default root path is ~/ghq but you can override it in your gitconfig.)

I make a command line alias and add -l parameter (look) to change the path after cloning, and -p to clone with SSH url for using with private Github repositories.

alias gq='ghq get -l -p'

So, for instance, I can just type gq narze/narze.github.io in a new terminal session and start writing articles right away!