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Imperfect Productivity Routine

It's hard to keep tracking and doing productive activities, especially when you want to do many things every day. I tried and failed so many times. Sometimes they worked the most a week or two, then I tend to drop them one by one. Before I know it I'm back at the starting point again.

I think the problem is I will lose motivation when I miss to do any of them just once.

Then one day, I thought and admitted that they don't have to be perfect, skipping some of the things will not end the world. There's always be tomorrow and it's better doing less than standing still and lose all the momentum you got along the way.

I have an idea to make a list of what I want to do daily or every other day, then do it at least one of them, and at most 80% of them. This is the example of the list.

  • Sleep at least 6 hours, and wake in the morning (This should be skipped in weekends.)
  • Do morning chores, like cleaning overnight dishes, tidy up the desk.
  • Make a new batch of cold-brew coffee, or water kefir.
  • Light exercise (5-10 sets of kettlebell, push-ups)
  • 10-minute meditation
  • Maintain & review tasks list
  • Email inbox zero

I used to try hard to do all of them every morning, and they will mostly fail when I wake up late, then I feel bad about it, then the progress stopped.

By making the routine more slack and imperfect, will make the progress easier and more doable in the long run.