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How I use tmux

I'm a fan of tmux. However, I hardly use tmux alone without these tools.


I good tmux config for starter. Easy to use, and powerful. Powerline is included.


I don't like to detach and attach sessions or use tmux-resurrect / tmux-continuum. I like to start a project with the same set of commands every time. So I use Tmuxinator to manage sessions with Yaml-formatted config instead.

This is the sample config for Tmuxinator, which runs 3 instances of yarn at once.

  - editor:
       layout: main-vertical
         - yarn run e2e
         - yarn run test
   - server:
       layout: main-vertical
         - yarn run dev

My Key Bindings

I didn't use Ctrl-A or Ctrl-B as prefix like other people. I rebind the prefix to Ctrl-; instead (It is Ctrl-O on Colemak DHm). Moreover, I use Ctrl + vim movement keys to switch windows & panes.

See my current config here.