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Hit that snooze, but once

I'm not a morning person, and I will over-sleep all the time if I don't set the alarm. Moreover, like many people does, I set up a lot of snoozes too, and the result is that I will always wake up, hit the snooze button, then go back to sleep. I've tried configure the alarm app to limit the number of snoozes. But that doesn't help as much, as I will reach the snooze limit anyway.

Disable snooze like many online articles have suggested? That works, but whenever it hit me out of my sleep cycle range, it will make me so groggy and make the day worse.

One day, I have came up with a way to fix this once and for all, by allowing the snooze button to be hit, but only once. By the time the alarm rings, I interpret that as "Be prepare to wake up by the next alarm", then I hit the snooze, go back to bed, but with less intention to stay slept. Sometimes I will think about things during this time, such as what will I do after getting up, what did I've just dreamed. These process will make me more "ready" for the day than waking up immediately.

So try to set the snooze limit to one time, if that is not possible for your alarm app, set 2 alarms with 5-10 minute interval instead.