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Create, review, and merge GitHub Pull Requests from command line only

Now you can manage all the GitHub pull request workflows from using only the command line via it's [official CLI][1]. Use homebrew command to install on macOS.

brew install gh

Creating PR

gh pr create

You will be prompt to enter information such as PR title, description, then you'll get the PR number to view on web, or you can open on browser by using the view command with -w flag.

gh pr view -w

Reviewing PR

To review any pull requests, the first step is to checkout the code to review. You can get the PR number from web, or using this command to list all the PRs.

gh pr list

Showing 1 of 1 open pull request in narze/thank-u-nextjs

#1  feat: replace @tailwindcssinjs/macro with twin.macro  twin-macro

Then checkout the code for reviewing.

gh pr checkout 1

After reviewing, take action to the PR, and choose to comment, approve, or request changes.

gh pr review

? What kind of review do you want to give?  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Comment
  Request changes

Merging PR

To merge a PR, simply use gh pr merge, and choose the merge method.

gh pr merge

? What merge method would you like to use?  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Create a merge commit
  Rebase and merge
  Squash and merge

Alternatively you can reject and close the PR without merging.

gh pr close


You can also use other subcommands like release, repo, alias, and many more. Type only gh to see all available commands.