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Colemak Mod-DHm

After 7 years of switching to Colemak keyboard layout, I decided to move on to a new layout. I have seen Mod-DH for quite a while. It is an improvement on Colemak which will be easy for me.

For reason why I want to switch although I already achieved 100 words per minute on standard Colemak, is I just want to challenge myself and see how long I will take to rewire my muscle memory and get the typing speed back on track with the new layout.

Little problems with standard Colemak

I can confirm that Colemak is already awesome. When compared with Qwerty, the keys oftenly used stay within home row and important shortcut keys are still in place (Z,X,C,V,A). However, Mod-DH improves it by moving D & H keys to bottom row but in easier position than on the home row but in the center which needs more lateral movement of the fingers.

The most common word which use letter T like the will use less effort in Colemak-DH than standard Colemak.

On 2017 Mod-DH made a minor revision which swaps the K and M but I prefer the first version which later called Colemak-DHm which still has M on the home row and K will be the same place as standard Colemak.


The total keys moved from standard Colemak to Colemak Mod-DHm is 6 Keys (B,D,G,H,M,V). I've highlighted them in my Codepen, printed & attached it to my monitor to practice.

On first day I got around 40wpm on 10ff, and I use Colemak Academy to practice mainly on D & H. I also noticed that with Mod-DHm, there are more words consists of home row letters plus D+H. I also use this mod at work & try not to type it wrong. I still use standard Colemak layout but swap the modded keys using Karabiner Elements. The hardest key on my switching journey is V, since I use ⌘ + V all the time. I have to remap ⌘ + V back from B to original position.

After first week, I achieved 80wpm on average (I create a new account on 10ff to track my progress.) However, my speed on standard Colemak dipped from 100-ish to 50wpm, so I can't turn back anymore.