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Books I've read

I like to read productivity-related (some are "self-help") books. Recently I started reading science fiction as well. I often read on my Onyx Boox Nova using Kindle app or PDF reader app.

Relentless - Tim Grover

Tim classifies people into 3 groups: Cooler, Closer, and Cleaner. Then focus on what Cleaner thinks and does to achieve successful career, like Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade for instance. Alghouth I don't know much of NBA or basketball words like "Ring", or "Game Four" to it confuses me a little bit. Overall this book inspired me to improve myself and be a Cleaner one day.

The Three-body Problem - Cixin Liu

A chinese SF novel about (no-spoilers) Chinese history in time of Cultural Revolution, an astrophysicist, a Virtual Reality game, and how they related to some weird phenomenon from unknown source. The book is the first book of three-book trilogy in Remembrance of Earth's Past which I have not read all of them yet.

Make Time - Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky


Atomic Habit - James Clear


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