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100 Days of Writing

I've been thinking of this challenge while I was doing #100DaysOfCode. As I want to be a better writer/blogger as well.

My problems with writing

  • I had so many ideas, but often times cannot express them as words.
  • I can't wire sentences into nice and clean paragraphs, so I ended up using bullet points, like this one.
  • I get easily distracted when researching stuff.
  • I don't like seeing the same words or phrases being used repeatedly, but I can't think of other words and why I don't like this.
  • I lack the experience of writing essays, and my grades about writing is really bad.

Challenge Accepted

Before starting this challenge, I had gathered around 20 article ideas to write on this website in English. Most of them are productivity related, some are tech/coding. I want to write fiction too, but I don't think I can in my current state. Some will be posted on my Medium as I see fit. I will try to make around 30-50 articles. Let's see if I can make it until the end!