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#100DaysOfCode Review

I hated frontend development.

I mainly make backends for websites. My last project which I also do the frontend is like 5 years ago. The knowledge I had on frontend is long outdated (jQuery, React 0.12-ish, Angular 1.) As a Ruby developer which rely heavily on testing, I also thought that frontend code is less useful to add tests since you can just refresh the page to see the changed code. Furthermore, my CSS skill is non-existent (still struggle just to center HTML elements.) So I used this #100DaysOfCode challenge to re-learn my frontend coding skill from scratch.

#100DaysOfCode is the challenge where you code (or learn to code) every day for 100 days. I used my free time after work at least 30 minutes to create websites, then learn new techniques & frameworks along the way.

In the course of 100 days, I've learned and tried many frameworks such as React.js (version 16), Vue.js 3, Svelte, Alpine.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby.js, and many more. I also created some reusable templates like Next.js boilerplate which included many modern libraries I like.

After I've rebuilt toSkoy project which was nearly 5 years old in the 100th day. I gave a talk about this challenge & how to succeed it at Bkk.js #14 meetup (Slides)

I'm so proud of myself for completing this challenge. It really changed my life to be a better web developer.

See my #100DaysOfCode website (built with Gatsby.js)

Next I'll take on #100DaysOfWriting, stay tuned!